Back to School 2009

 kids' program

It’s official–school is in session and Piedmont SWCD is ready to get back into the classroom! We offer a variety of classroom programs to school systems in Amelia, Nottoway, and Prince Edward Counties and they are all FREE OF CHARGE. We work with students of all ages, grades pre-K through 12. Our programs include: Watershed 101, Water Pollution, The Water Cycle, Wetlands, and Soils. We have tons of curriculum materials and activities for your classroom. Check out our Education page for details. We can’t wait to hear from you!

envirothon team  


It may seem like forever away, but next spring’s Envirothon competition will be here in a few short months. Contact us today for the information and resources you will need to start your team off right!

A final note… Whether you are a teacher planning your next lesson, a student with an upcoming science fair, or an agricultural producer thinking about taking advantage of the BMP Cost Share, you can learn about plant and soil structure and see the benefits of cover crops for yourself by constructing a Root Box. Contact us for more information and a detailed how-to guide!

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