Programs are initiated by a volunteer Board of Directors and carried out by staff members. Two directors from each county are elected to a four-year term. Two additional directors are appointed: one serving as director-at-large and the other representing Virginia Cooperative Extension. Associate directors, who are non-voting members, are also appointed by the Board.

Chairman: Larkin Moyer
Vice Chairman: Richard “Ricky” Rash
Secretary: Charles “Chuck” Arnason
Treasurer: Dr. Wilkie Chaffin

Amelia County
Larkin Moyer (elected)
Allison Crews (elected)                                                                                    
Juan Whittington (at-large appointment)
Gary Dillard (associate)

Nottoway County
Chuck Arnason (elected)
Ricky Rash (elected)         

Sarah Eck (associate)
Haley Norton (appointed VCE director)

Prince Edward County
Dr. Wilkie Chaffin (elected)
Bill Powers (elected)
Horace Adams (associate)