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Agricultural BMP Cost-share Opportunities!

The Piedmont Soil and Water Conservation District (PSWCD) is accepting applications July 1-August 10 for the agricultural best management practices (BMPs) cost-share program. Requests for cost-share are expected to exceed available funding, so a sign-up period is necessary.

The cost-share program provides financial incentives, tax credits, and cost-share to agricultural producers who voluntarily install conservation practices on their farm to improve water quality. Agricultural best management practices (BMPs) are measures that farmers can take to not only improve soil and water quality but increase the productivity of their land or farming operation. Benefits include decreased erosion, increased soil organic matter, and cleaner streams.

Some of the available BMPs include: cover crops, which are planted following harvest and act as an anchor to prevent soil and nutrient runoff; stream exclusion, which keeps livestock out of streams and provides an alternative watering facility, therefore improving both water quality and livestock health; permanent vegetative cover on cropland, in the form of cool- or warm-season grasses, to reduce soil erosion; and nutrient management, which allows a farmer to apply the correct amount of nutrients to a crop to maximize growth while saving on the cost of excess fertilizers that wash into local streams.

Piedmont SWCD serves Amelia, Nottoway, and Prince Edward Counties. To find out more information or to schedule an appointment for staff to make a visit to your farm, contact Charlie Wootton at 434-392-3782 ext. 128 or Kevin Dunn at 434-392-3782 ext. 116.



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