FREE pesticide disposal pick up program

Sept 26. John Randolf VFD, 2145 Cumberland Road, Farmville

Sept 13. Meherrin Ag & Chemical Co, 100 North Ave., Blackstone

This program offered by Virginia Cooperative Extension is for the disposal of unwanted and outdated pesticides currently stored by agricultural producers, licensed pesticide businesses, homeowners and golf courses.

Acceptable: Agricultural, commercial, homeowner pesticides, pesticide rinsate and pesticide dilutions.

Not acceptable: Medical waste, radioactive waste, ammunition, tires, biological waste, contaminated waste, paint or oil.

Contact your local extension office for instructions and questions.

Prince Edward County Extension phone number: 434.392.4246

Amelia County Extension Phone:804.561.2481

Nottoway County Extension Phone: 434.432-7770

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