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The Piedmont SWCD is part of a conservation partnership that provides resources, education and leadership on the wise use of soil and water resources.  They accomplish this through a wide variety of programs, including the Virginia Agricultural Best Management Practices Program, Equipment Rental Program, Watershed Dam Structure Maintenance, and an Environmental Education Program.  Every four years the Piedmont SWCD develops a Strategic Plan to help guide their operations and generate goals and objectives.  Please take this opportunity to let us know how you think we are going and how you think we can best assist you by taking the following Stakeholder Survey.  Click here to access Stakeholder Survey II.  THANKS FOR YOUR INPUT!

Piedmont SWCD District of the Month

The Piedmont SWCD was chosen District of the Month by Baxter Comics creator Gary Fetters.  Click here District of the Month to link to Fetter’s website to read about the Piedmont SWCD’s use of comic strips in their mission to spread the conservation message.

Your Input needed

Every four years the Piedmont SWCD develops a strategic plan to help guide their operations and generate goals and objectives.  Please take this opportunity to let the Piedmont SWCD know how they are doing and how you think they can best assist you with the wise use of natural resources.

To access the survey, hover over the menu above and open About, and then open the drop down box Strategic Plan and Annual Plan of Work box.  There you will find a link to the  Stakeholder Survey.  Or, just click here to access Stakeholder Survey. Thank you for participating!

Piedmont SWCD Exhibit Recognized

Piedmont SWCD Education Exhibit

A young attendee at the Virginia Association of Conservation Districts Annual Meeting on December 5-6 at the Roanoke Hotel in Roanoke, Virginia enjoyed assembling the puzzle  part of the Piedmont SWCD’s Eduction Exhibit.  The puzzle, when assembled, shows Gary Fetter’s comic strip on watersheds (see blog below for close-up of strip).  “What is Your Watershed Address” was the theme of the Education Exhibit, and the Association awarded the Piedmont SWCD a gift certificate recognizing the exhibit.

Where does your water shed?

Watersheds colorex

This cartoon is one of two purchased from cartoonist Gary Fetters.  (Click on the cartoon above to zoom in and read the dialogue).  A conservation cartoon is only one of many different ways that the Piedmont SWCD reaches out to a varied audience with their conservation message.  The District also produces a bi-monthly radio spot aired on WFLO in Farmville during the noon hour, sends out newsletters seasonally, and hosts educational farm tours and trainings.

Kingfisher lands at Family Farm Day

The Birdreduced

The giant Kingfisher evidently didn’t faze the young lady examining the soil tunnel at the Family Farm Day held September 8 at the SPAREC in Blackstone.

New Employee Amanda Braham

The Piedmont District is happy to announce that Amanda Braham is the new Program Support Technician.  Amanda is working part-time and is especially looking forward to her involvement with the youth outreach program.  She is a 2012 graduate from Southside Community College is Business Administration.  Welcome aboard Amanda!

Family & Farm Day September 8

pink coatx

Come and join us on September 8 for a day of fun and educational activities about Virginia Agriculture from 9 am til 2 pm (rain or shine) on September 8 at the Virginia Tech Southern Piedmont Center near Blackstone.  For more information call P. J. Shepherd at 434-292-5331 or visit

Appomattox River under Drought Watch

The Department of Environmental Quality has issued a Drought Watch for the Appomattox River.  On thier website you can find the following

“Between 1950 and 2000, the United States population nearly doubled while the demand for water more than tripled. Water is not an inexhaustible resource, and it is essential that we take responsibility for our water usage and set goals to reduce the amount of water we consume in our everyday lives. A single person uses approximately 100 gallons of water a day and our resources are diminishing rapidly. While it may appear that there is an abundance of water on earth, the fact of the matter is that less than one percent of the world’s water supplies are available for human use. Conservation is key.  Click on the link below to find out what you can do to conserve water in your watershed.

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